1.1 –Victorious Megastore will inform Seller when Buyer’s Purchase Money is received and Seller undertakes to arrange for shipment of the product within the agreed timeframe. If the agreed deadline is not respected, Victorious Megastore may automatically cancel the order and the seller will not have to ship the product. Seller will be informed by Victorious Megastore through Seller Center if an order is automatically cancelled, and if even after cancellation the Seller ships the product, Seller will be responsible for any damages, including loss of product.

1.2 – Regarding the services of the Logistics Provider Operator (OFL) exclusively provided through the Platform, Victorious Megastore will act as an intermediary for the Sellers, taking the necessary operational measures in order to enable the Seller to send the products sold to its customers (Buyers) through the OFL integrated into the Platform. Accordingly, in cases of product damage and/or delivery issues that prove to be an exclusive failure of OFL services, Victorious Megastore will handle Buyer’s refund and Seller’s payment respectively, if necessary.

1.3 – Problems related to OFL services that may be contracted directly by Seller, at Seller’s sole discretion and responsibility, when such option is permitted by the platform, shall be dealt with by Seller, including Buyer’s shipping fees and refunds, except in cases where Seller has entered into a different agreement with Victorious Megastore, being responsible for making arrangements for the product to be delivered to the Buyer and providing information such as the name of the delivery company, the tracking number, etc. to the Buyer through the website.

1.4 – Seller shall do its best to ensure Buyer receives purchased products within the Victorious Megastore Warranty Period or period specified by Seller in its advertisement.

1.5 – In the case where the purchased product(s) is(are) damaged, lost or damaged during the course of delivery, Users acknowledge and agree that Victorious Megastore only will be responsible for any damage, expense, cost or fees resulting therefrom, if OFL’s services are mediated by Victorious Megastore as set forth in item 13.2. On the other hand, if OFL is under Seller’s responsibility (item 13.3), Buyer will contact Seller, who will be responsible for triggering the logistics service provider to resolve such dispute and deal with Buyer’s refunds and any eventual damages/ additional costs.

1.6 – For Cross-Border Transactions, Users understand and acknowledge that where a product advertisement states that the product is shipped from abroad, such product is being sold by a Seller located outside the Buyer’s country, and the import and export of such product is subject to local laws and regulations. Users must familiarize themselves with all import and export restrictions that apply to the designated country. Users acknowledge that Victorious Megastore cannot provide any legal advice in this case and agree that Victorious Megastore does not assume any legal risk or liability related to the import and export of such products.

1.7 – Where Buyer elects to have the purchased product delivered by any other shipping method, the fee owed to the delivery company (“Shipping Fee”) will be borne by Buyer, Seller and Victorious Megastore in proportions determined by Victorious Megastore and published periodically on the Site. Victorious Megastore shall (i) collect from Buyer the proportion of Buyer’s Shipping Fee, (ii) deduct the proportion of Seller’s Shipping Fee from Buyer’s Purchase Money in accordance with Section 11.2, and (iii) pay the Total Shipping Charge to the delivery company.

1.8 – The Shipping Fee may vary according to the weight of the package (product[s] ordered[s]), measurement, route (origin/destination) and any other aspect that may impact the logistics and shipping/delivery operation. Therefore, the Shipping Fee will be calculated taking into account all these aspects and will be duly presented to the user responsible for your payment prior to completion of the order/transaction.


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