Return and Refund

1.1 – The buyer may request the return of the purchased product (free of charge) and reimbursement in two cases: within 7 (seven) days after receipt of such product (effective repentance) and within the legal period established by the applicable regulations, 30 ( thirty) days for durable products and 15 (fifteen) days for non-durable products, in case of defects and/or malfunction duly proven by the Buyer, from the day of receipt of the product. In addition, Buyer may cancel an order before Seller has arranged and shipped the product(s). If Buyer’s request for return was caused by Seller’s fault, shipping and return fees will be immediately debited and deducted from Seller’s account.

1.1.1 – It is important to emphasize that the Seller is solely responsible for any defects in the products sold by it on the Victorious Megastore Platform, including malfunctions and/or inadequacies between products sold and delivered to buyers and the offer made, in quantitative and qualitative terms. Therefore, you, Buyer, acknowledge that Victorious Megastore has no responsibility for the products sold by Sellers, recognizing that Victorious Megastore acts as a mere intermediary of the relationship between Buyers and Sellers, as an internet application provider, agreeing to maintain – it exempts from liability and indemnifies in case of problems related to the suitability of the products purchased from the Sellers, agreeing that any complaints must be dealt with and resolved by the Sellers and, in case of adoption of legal measures, these must be taken exclusively against the Sellers, refraining from including Victorious Megastore as the defendant in such claims

1.2 – Victorious Megastore reserves the right to cancel any transaction based on material in error and/or suspected fraud on the Site, and Buyer agrees that its sole recourse shall be to receive a refund of Buyer’s Purchase Money paid to the Account Victorious Megastore Warranty.

1.3 – If you redeemed Victorious Megastore Coins for your transaction and were successful in receiving a refund based on Victorious Megastore’s Return and Refund Policy, Victorious Megastore will refund you the amount you actually paid for the product and credit back any Victorious Coins Megastore redeemed for your Account separately.

1.4 – Victorious Megastore does not monitor the cancellation, return and refund processes for offline payments.


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