1 – Payment Fee:

1.1 – Payment Fee is the fee applied for each order on the Victorious Megastore Platform (not applicable for canceled orders or return/refund orders). In all cases, Seller is responsible for paying Payment Fees.

1.2 – The Payment Fee is calculated based on the total order value placed by Buyer for the products purchased, excluding 1) any shipping costs that Buyer has paid; and 2) if applicable, any discounts arising from the use of seller-generated discount coupons.

1.3 – Depending on the payment method selected by the Buyer, the applicable fee for each will be as follows:
– COD: Products + Shipping + ¥650(COD rate)

2 – Purchase:

2.1 – The Victorious Megastore platform supports at least one of the following payment methods in each country in which it operates:

(i) Credit Card

Card payments are processed through third-party payment channels and the type of credit accepted through these payment channels may vary depending on the jurisdiction in which they are located.

(ii) COD

Pay-on-Delivery (COD), sometimes called a charge-on-delivery or pay-on-demand, is the sale of goods by mail order, where payment is made at the time of delivery rather than in advance. If the goods are not paid for, they will be returned to the retailer. Originally, the term only applied to payment by cash, but as other forms of payment have become more common, the word “cash” has sometimes been replaced by the word “collect” to include transactions on checks, money orders, credit cards or debt.

2.2 – The Buyer can only change his preferred method of payment for his purchases before making the payment.

2.3 – Victorious Megastore does not assume any responsibility and is not legally liable for any loss or damage to Buyer arising out of shipping and/or payment information entered by Buyer or erroneous shipment by Buyer in connection with payment for purchased items. We reserve the right to verify that Buyer is properly authorized to use a particular payment method and may suspend the transaction until such authorization is confirmed or cancel the transaction when such confirmation is not available.

2.4 – At present, for payments made via bank slip, Victorious Megastore can only handle User refund requests via bank transfer. Refunds made by credit card will be made directly on their respective statements. Consequently, Users are required to provide Victorious Megastore with their bank details in order to receive payments (from the sale of a product or refund) in accordance with chapter 10.

3 – Payment methods:

3.1 – Payment services offered through the Victorious Megastore platform may be provided by a third party company (“Payment Service Provider”) or, exclusively with regard to opening and managing the payment account, by Stripe and Paypal. In cases where it provides the services, the Payment Service Provider is solely responsible for all legal, regulatory, financial and operational aspects of the payment process. By accepting these Terms of Service, you acknowledge and also accept the Terms and Conditions for Opening a Stripe and Paypal Payment Account (Payment Service Provider), attached to this Terms of Service, which integrates it for all applicable legal and legal purposes .

3.2 – The Payment Service Provider integrated with Victorious Megastore will be responsible for processing payments and managing money transfers you receive from your sales and refunds for purchases made through Boleto Bancario, and credit card or any other payment methods that are accepted on the platform. The amount of this money, minus any withdrawals, will be reflected in your Account balance, accessible on the Victorious Megastore Platform.

3.3 – The Payment Service Provider will transfer the funds to your payment account as provided in Annex I (“Payment Account”) Once the funds are deposited in the Payment Account, all rules provided for in the Terms will apply and Stripe and Paypal Payment Account Opening Conditions.

3.4 – The user agrees and consents that their personal data and documentation such as name, CPF, date of birth, address, bank account information and similar information will be collected and shared with the Payment Service Provider to carry out all procedures related to the identification of the User in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, especially those associated with preventing money laundering and combating terrorism, fraud and illegal financial activities.

3.5 – Money from your sale of products at the Victorious Megastore will be credited to your account within seven (7) days after delivery of the product to Buyer or immediately after Buyer has claimed to have received the product. The money from the refunded products will be credited to your account within 07 (seven) business days after approval of the return or refund request.

3.6 – Once submitted, you may not modify or cancel a Cash Out Request.

3.7 – If there is an error in processing any transaction, you authorize the Payment Service Provider to initiate debit or credit entries to your designated bank account to correct such error, provided such correction is made in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If the Payment Service Provider cannot debit your designated bank account for any reason, you authorize the Payment Service Provider to resubmit the debit along with applicable additional fees to any other bank account or payment instrument you have filed with us or to deduct the debit and applicable fees from your account balance in the future.

3.8 – You authorize the Payment Service Provider to initiate debit or credit entries to your account:

(i) to correct any errors in processing any transaction;

(ii) where Payment Service Provider and/or Victorious Megastore have determined that you have engaged in suspicious or fraudulent activities and/or transactions;

(iii) in connection with any lost, damaged or incorrect products;

(iv) in connection with any rewards or discounts;

(v) in connection with any uncollected fees;

(vi) in connection with the resolution of any transaction dispute, including any compensation owed to you or by you;

(vii) in connection with any products banned or that have been held by customs;

(viii) in connection with any change of plans mutually agreed between Buyer and Seller.

3.9 – Users agree that the Payment Service Provider may, at its own discretion, preventively block the existing account(s) and respective amounts whenever the Payment Service Provider becomes aware of any indication of act or conduct that may be framed as an illegal practice, especially related to money laundering, terrorist crimes and financing, violation of image, intellectual and industrial property rights, violation of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the Victorious Megastore Platform or that it represents a breach of the rights of Users or third parties.

3.10 – In addition, Users agree that the Payment Service Provider may also preventively block the account and any amounts contained therein if parameters and atypical refund rates, chargebacks and other rates are identified subject to review by the Risk and Compliance teams that indicate the need for the blocking to be carried out to protect the rights of Users, Buyers and third parties.

3.11 – Considering that the Payment Service Provider and/or Victorious Megastore are not responsible in any way for the products and/or services offered, advertised and marketed by the Sellers, a preventive blocking may be carried out and will be maintained, via rule, until (i) it is verified that the suspicious act or conduct did not characterize an illegal practice, based on exclusive criteria and evaluations of the Payment Service Provider; (ii) the parties involved adequately formalize the amicable resolution of the situation; or (iii) by court order or authorized administrative authorities that clearly and specifically declares the products, content or act identified as a violation, allowing its proper identification and applicable measures. If the Payment Service Provider determines, in accordance with the payment market rules, the preventive block may be converted into definitive or the blocked amount may be used to indemnify the Payment Service Provider, Victorious Megastore, other participants of the payment market or any third party that, according to the rules applicable to the payment market, is entitled to indemnification.

3.12 – Users acknowledge and authorize the Payment Service Provider and/or Victorious Megastore to report to the responsible oversight and control organizations the acts, conducts and practices that contain indications of irregularities and/or illegalities, without causing any moral damage and damage property to the reported User.

3.12.1 – Additionally, Users agree and acknowledge that Stripe and Paypal will collect and share with the competent authorities and bodies any and all information and documents, including transaction data, Victorious Megastore Account movement histories, identification and account of user, indication of products sold and respective volume, tax documents, as well as other data and information that are necessary to comply with a legal obligation and/or to defend the interests of Victorious Megastore and Stripe and Paypal administratively and/or judicially.

3.13 – It should be noted that the rules for charging and withdrawing the payment account, as well as the other provisions governing payment services and payment account management, are contained in the Terms and Conditions for Opening a Stripe and Paypal Payment Account attached to these Service Terms. Thus, in case of any discrepancies between the provisions of the Stripe and Paypal Payment Account Opening Terms and Conditions and the provisions of item 10 PAYMENT SERVICES of these Terms of Service, the provisions of the Payment Account Opening Terms and Conditions shall prevail Stripe and Paypal.


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